The MANDARIN REPTILE story began when Shirley Tan, a highly motivated entrepreneur opened a retail boutique – MANDARIN REPTILE HOUSE in Singapore’s premier Orchard shopping precinct in 1983, specializing in Crocodile Skin handbags and other exotic leather accessories.  As the second generation of the family business founded by her late father in 1976, she embarked on expanding the legacy of her father’s entrepreneurial spirit.  Given Singapore’s thriving Crocodile Leather industry at that time, the exquisite quality and meticulous craftsmanship of her products appealed to numerous discerning tourists and local consumers alike.

MANDARIN REPTILE’s successful business philosophy has always been achieved by using premium grade exotic leather, fine quality raw materials, exquisite ornaments and to continuously draw design inspirations from contemporary haute couture trends.  All Crocodile Skins used by MANDARIN REPTILE are cultivated based on modern wildlife management, which adheres strictly to the rules and regulations laid down by CITES (Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora) of which Singapore is a member.

We hope you love our works as much as we do.


Luxury Collection

MANDARIN REPTILE pampers connoisseurs in the spirit of luxe and high style with a stunning spectrum of premium quality exotic leather products, comprising Alligator, Crocodile, Ostrich, Monitor Lizard, Python and Stingray Skin.

Our collection features sophisticated designs of extraordinary elegance, glamour and timeless beauty, all crafted in pursuit of the finer aspirations in life.  With vibrant colours that showcase the inspirations of contemporary fashion, our distinctive quality and meticulous hand craftsmanship all represent the true distinction of a luxury creation.

To cater to the increasing sophistication of our consumers, the third generation of MANDARIN REPTILE has taken strategic steps to uplift our luxury appeal and brand image to be associated with today’s essential couture elements of prestige, luxury fashion and functionality.  Whether you are looking to acquire the ultimate status symbol of a Crocodile Skin handbag or you may simply be seeking functional and durable exotic leather products, our versatile in-house creations are worthy of your investing and cherishing for a lifetime!

Recognizing that MANDARIN REPTILE caters to the demands of the most discerning who expect the best, we have since relaunched our personalized bespoke service, thereby elevating our brand to yet another level.  Consumers can further the exclusivity of a MANDARIN REPTILE design by custom-choosing materials and colours in various exotic skins.

As they say, being yourself and being unique is pure luxury.



To stand out in the luxury fashion business, MANDARIN REPTILE carves its niche as an exotic leather retailer who knows its customers intimately and values every one of them.  With a strong appreciation for service, design and luxury appeal, our products also carry more intrinsic value for the price, as we do not spend a huge amount of money on advertising or an expensive shop front.

Four decades since MANDARIN REPTILE’s inception, our brand continues to build on its exotic leather craftsmanship and expertise.  MANDARIN REPTILE’s exclusivity, customization and handcrafted methods embody the enduring spirit of excellence and passion that Madam Tan’s father started in 1976.  Our dedication to quality and meticulous craftsmanship underpin each and every one of our exotic leather creations, each in itself a completely individual work of art made by the skilled hands of our master artisans.